Chicken Recipes Under 700 Calories

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4 lbs (1816 g) boneless skinless chicken thighs
2 tbsp (16 g) chili powder
4 tsp (12 g) salt
2 tsp (6 g) pepper
6 cups (900 g) cooked rice
4 medium (800 g) zucchini
16 oz (454 g) mushrooms
1 medium (200 g) onion
1 cup (112 g) cheddar cheese shredded
4 tbsp (60 g) olive oil
8 tbsp (120 g) buffalo sauce


1. Cook enough rice to yield 6 cups of cooked rice. 1 cup of dry rice will make around 2-3 cups of cooked rice depending on what kind you use.

2. In a large bowl add the chicken, a bit of oil, chili powder, salt, and pepper. Toss to coat.

3. You can cook your chicken however you like. I baked mine at 425°F for 10 minutes and then broiled it on the top rack for 5 minutes to develop color. Cut into 1 inch pieces. If you would rather pan fry it follow the instructions in the next step.

4. Heat a grill pan or a skillet over medium high heat and add some oil. Cook the chicken thighs for 4-5 minutes on each side. Cut them into a large dice and return to the pan to develop color.

5. Wash and cut your zucchini into a small dice and mushrooms into a large dice. Cut the onion into a small dice.

6. Heat a large skillet over medium high heat. Add oil and saute the onions for a couple of minutes.

7. Add in the zuchinni and cook until soft.

8. Add a bit more oil and add in the mushrooms, season with salt to help bring out the water. Allow them to cook and develop color.

9. Measure out 6 cups of cooked rice and add to a large bowl. Mix in the chicken, vegetables, cheese, and buffalo sauce. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

10. This recipe makes 10 servings. Divide your ingredients evenly 10 ways.

Calories: 448kcal | Carbohydrates: 29g | Protein: 37g | Fat: 21g

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