Healthy Grilled Bananas

Easy, healthy, & delicious grilled banana dessert recipe. Serve grilled bananas with ice cream and top with any variations of chopped nuts, chocolate sauce, homemade whipped cream, or toasted coconut flakes. Drizzle with a little dark rum or Amaretto on it if you got it.

Choose firm bananas. Ripe (soft) bananas are harder to grill because they will be too soft and stick to the grill. You also don't want an under ripe banana.

In the video above, my bananas are riper than I'd like but that is what we had to work with. If you're bananas are too ripe than either grill them whole (like in the picture above with a slit in it), oil the grill as well as the banana, or buy a non-stick grill next time 🙂

Bananas will need less time on the grill If you're bananas are riper, softer, or smaller than usual.